Hammer Killer

Ryan, Omead 7th period


Marissa Devault was accused of killer her husband with a hammer. At first she said it wasn't her but overtime her story changed and eventually she admitted to killing him. She did say that this was an act of defense. Prosecutors also say she was in debt and she wanted insurance money, and she was also dating another man. She claims that she was physically and sexually abused a series of times. But at the time she struck him she said he was asleep on the bed so she was not being abused at the time.


Blood splatter found included cast off, medium velocity and passive stain. Each has different characteristics. Cast off is recoil from the hammer, medium velocity is actually contact made. Passive stain is just regular drips from the hammer

Guilty for murder

Marissa claim it was out of self defense, but she was not being attacked at the time. She could have called for helped or reported this but she took it upon herself to just beat him with a hammer.