The Respitory System

JD Petree

What is the respiratory System?

Here is the overview of the system.


Here shown are the 9 organs functions. The Organs in the system are the nose, Pharynx, Epiglottis, Larnx, trachea, Bronchi, Lungs, Alreoli, diaphragm


It is an organ in which inhales and exhales. the nostrils are the parts of the nose which make the process of inhalation and exhaliton.


Pharynx is a tubular part of the respitory system allows the passage of air into the lungs.


It is the part of the system in which it swallows food and prevents food and water from entering the trachea.


It is the part of the system which connects the trachea with the Pharnx


The trachea extends from the larynx to the bronchi, it also helps you breathe.


The Bronchus is a passage in which allows the flow of air into the lungs.


The Human Lungs are conical organs in the human body. The lungs help out in recieving oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.


The alreoli are inside the lungs. They are located at the tip of the lung. They let oxygen in to the diaphragm, and carbon dioxide out.


The Diaphragm help the expansion of the lungs and let oxygen in.

What are the four main functions?

Here shown are the four main functions of the respitory system


Exchange gases between the atmosphere, and the blood.


Homeostatic regulation through carbon dioxide.


Protection from inhaled things, such as irritating substances or substances that you are allergic to.



My Organ

The organ I was given was the bronchus. Here I will show The four main functions of the organ, and the tissue and cells in the organ.

The Bronchus

The Bronchus has Four Main Functions
1. They Provide air to the lungs.
2. It helps the main passageway of air, which is the trachea, and it helps the trachea get air into it.
3. Each major bronchi the subdivides, or breaks apart into the smaller air passageways.
4. They eventually terminate into the alveoli, where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occur.

The Types of tissues in the organ

There are two tissues in the organ. The lymphoid Tissue, and the associated lymphoid tissue.

What are some diseases in the respiratory system?

For example, here are four diseases in the respiratory system.
1. Influenza
2. Asthma
4. Lung Cancer

Here are some ways to keep your system healthy

1. Don't Smoke.
2. Drink plenty of water to keep mucus out.
3. Exercise in cleaner areas, such as back streets or trails.

Lung Cancer

The main Cause of lung cancer is smoking. Some symptoms included are difficulty swallowing, eyelids drooping, and joint pain.

Could you Live without the system?

The respiratory system is helping you breathe so therefore without the system you wouldn't be able to breathe.

How Does The System Interact With Other Systems?

1. It Interacts with the digestive system because the trachea and the esophagus. The esophagus helps the digestive system swallow.
2. It shares diseases with the digestive such as, chronic cough, problems swallowing, etc.
3. It shares relation with the circulatory system because blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body.