Conway Sports!

2022-2023 Information and Requirements for Sports

Girl Soccer UPDATE September 5, 2022

ALL Middle School Students are eligible for Sports!

Remember sports physicals are required and can take some time to schedule with your health provider. Summer is a great time to take care of this REQUIREMENT.


In order to participate in sports your athletes must have a "current" physical, which means they cannot be more than two years old by the end of the season.

In order to meet this requirements your athlete's physical must have the following dates in order for them to be valid during the specific season:

Cross Country or Soccer must be later than October 30, 2020

Boys Basketball must be later than December 10, 2020

Volleyball must be later than January 30, 2021

Girls Basketball must be later than March 15, 2021

Fall Sports Seasons

All 6-8 students are eligible for Middle School Sports.

Girls will have the option of signing up for girls soccer or co-ed soccer.

There is NO spring soccer season this year.

Transportation Permission

This form is for families that would like to designate another adult to pick up and transport their child to/from sporting events, field trips, and other activities. This form requires a physical signature.

Sports Forms

In order for students to participate in sports they MUST have the following filled out PRIOR to the first day of practice. If your child plays more than one sport, you have to fill out the forms each time in order to meet our liability rules.

Concussion Acknowledgement

Emergency Card (this requires an actual signature)

Informed Consent

Permission Form

Physical Certification: These are good for two years from the date of the physical.

Unvaccinated Athletes MUST register and fill out a testing permission form

You have three options with our forms:

1. Use the links below to fill in Google Forms and turn them in electronically

2. Print off the forms at the end of this document, fill them out and turn them into the school

3. Have your student pick up forms in the office, fill them out at home and bring them back

For school insurance purposes we MUST have new forms filled out at the beginning of each sport your student participates in.

Questions? Contact Angela by email or call 360-445-5785

Concussion Form

Online Form: Acknowledges the inherent risks of playing sports and ensure families and the athlete understands.

Emergency Card

Fill out, sign and send to the district/middle school office. Our coaches carry these to give to medical personnel in the event their is an accident or other medical issue with one of our athletes.

Informed Consent

Online Form: Acknowledging you understand the inherent risks when someone plays a sport.

Permission to Participate

Online Form: Permission for your student to participate in Conway sports programs

Physical Certification Form

Print and take to your student's physical for the doctor to fill out.

Athletes COVID Permission and Registration

These forms are REQUIRED prior to the first day of practice.