Africa's physical features

social studies

Ethiopian Highlands

The Ethiopian highlands is located on western section of the plateau. It was fringed by Sudan lowland in early volcanic origin. The plateau and several of its mountain groups are cut by the deep valley. The blue Nile runs its source and lake Tania runs through the center of the plateau. This place is a very interesting and cool place to visit.
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Nile River

This river is surprisingly 4,160 miles long. It flows north through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Zaire. This river supports practically all agriculture in populated parts of Egypt and 20% of sudan's crop area. It is also used for an important source of hydroelectric power. It is very important to the people and its very pretty.
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Niger River

This beautiful river is 2,600 miles long. It flows through Guinea into Mali republic then to nigeria. It flows to the largest delta in africa. This river is a major source for fish and people often go fishing there.

Sahara Desert

This desert is about 3,500,000 square miles large.Regions of the Sahara has sand dunes that covers up 15% of the desert.There is also bare rock areas of coarse gravel that is about 70% of it.The strong winds makes it hard to see in the hot desert. It will be very interesting to go there because the sand looks like gold.
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