about me



if you don't already know me its because i don't want you to. i like keeping to myself. my friends are the only people I'm somewhat outgoing around. i cant stand being in or talking to large crowds. even talking to random people one to one is somewhat hard. when you get to know me I'm care free and fun loving. sometimes even obnoxious. then again that's just me.


i like reading and writing, listening to music, and hanging with friends. i dont do social networking. i think we are losing the ability to have full conversations with people. so yeah hate me all you want but social networking is absolutely stupid.

my family

i live with my three little brothers, mom, and dad. Nathan is 9. Xander is 5. Seth is 2.


i had fun over Christmas. i went to St. Louis and out to visit people in Illinois. that's all i did.