By Ronan Malloy


What Is Body Image?

- Body Image is your attitude towards your body, how you see yourself, how you think and feel about the way you think others perceive you.

What Is Self Esteem?

- Self Esteem is essentially the way that you feel about yourself, the image that you hold of yourself as a whole person. If you are happy with yourself as a person you are likely to have high Self Esteem and if you are unhappy with yourself as a person you are likely to have low Self Esteem.

What Things Affect Our Self Esteem?

- When a person makes a negative comment to you, the people around you and you think you should be different to how you are.

What Is Bullying Behaviour?

- Bullying is the act of causing physical or emotional harm to someone. A bully targets someone who they think is weaker then them.

What Types Of Bullying Are There?

- Phsically, Cyber, Verbally, Emotional, Threats And Force, Denial And Blame, Discrimination and Exclusion.

Describe Three People That May Be Involved In A Bully Situation?

- The bully is the person who starts it.

- The victim is the one being bullied.

- The bystander is the people that stand around not telling no parent/guardian/teacher, watching or walking past not doing nothing.

Where Can We Get Help For Bullying?

- Kids Helpline, Family, Friend, School or Sport Club.

What Is Cyber Bullying?

- Cyberbullying is on the Internet or mobile phone the bully say mean types mean words to offend the victim through email, text messages, social media, instant message and online gaming.

What Can Teens Do To Reduce Cyber Bullying?

- Not to encourage it or try their best to stop bullying by a promotion.