Amazon's Delivery Drones

By Rachel Lipsky

All kinds of drones

Below are some pictures of different types of drones, used for different purposes.

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Heres the scoop on delivery drones!

  • Amazon’s plan is to deliver packages through unmanned flying drones

  • This reduce traffic and pollution, usually produced by big delivery trucks

  • There is concern/worries about noise, and privacy

  • They may interfere with low altitude airspace uses

  • It may cause trouble around planes/airports and wildfires

  • They drones would be equipped with drone-to-drone communication, so that they don’t crash into each other

  • The vehicles would have a GPS and Wi-Fi, to get alerts

  • Would fly 200-400 feet high

  • Would have autopilot technology

  • Manned vehicles would be required to fly at least 500 feet high, keeping a safe distance in between

  • One problem is that it might not allow the drones to fly high enough

  • Drones are used for lots of different things such as military purposes

  • Called amazon prime air

  • Small packages will be here in less than 30 minutes

  • Will be available to customers in about 4-5 years