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The food industry is a fast-paced industry; prices of raw materials grow worldwide; consumers change their eating habits and are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. In view of these changes, so do the requirements for food packaging, which these days have to be modern and trendsetting. Pack Line is the most admired and respected company in the packaging industry, with proud contributors to work on it. We are the leading global provider of packaging, sealing, Filling Machines and Equipment in Connecticut.

Pack Line is a leader in manufacturing Food Packaging Machines in Connecticut. Our passion for the advancement of technology and high quality of the food packaging reinforces our commitment to all our customers around the world. We make a difference by providing customized technology, goods and services solutions, as well as a close and strong relationship with the customer. Our management team provides customers with the best products and services. Our mission is to improve & promote members' abilities to meet the needs of our customers.

We are a manufacturer company of machinery for packaging, processing and converting machinery manufacturers of components, materials and finished package. We have a great experience in our profession with our commitment to offer our customers customized through a wide range of quality packing machines solutions and supplemented all with the support of an effective post-sale and trained service has made us deserve trust of our customers, placing us as a leading manufacturer of Food and Beverage Packaging in New York. If you wish to have more information about our services, take a look at our website at