My Life

Minami Yashiki

Hello! I am Minami Yashiki.

I am from Tokyo, Japan.

I have a sister who is 9 years old.

I went to a public elementary/junior high school.

My favourite food is Ozoni, Udon, Taco rice... ! I can eat anything!

My favourite sport is swimming. I had learned swimming for 12 years.

I love my community . Every year I helped a community Obon festival as a Yakisoba seller and also I danced on a yagura.

Before I came to ISAK...

I graduated my junior high school in March.

After that I spent a lot of time with my mother.

Once a week I volunteered at a kindergarten.

Four times a week I went to a pool and swam.

I went to a English school twice a week and made many friends!