The Daily Egyptians

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Handball Team Trade!

This morning, a major trade occurred from the Thebes Throwers to the Cusae Camels. Thebes Throwers traded the number ten pick, Nekhebu Shafra, from the 1462 B.C.E National Handball Association (NHA) Draft. The Cusae Camels traded Setka Zezemonekh, the number nine pick from the NHA Draft, last year. This was surprising news for many fans across Egypt.

Important News From Crop©

Hello, this is Pawah Sabni, the representative of Crop©. The northeast of Egypt is experiencing heavy rains, so make sure your crops don't get too much water! Or they will die. Cities close to the Nile River have a nice fertilized soil that is not too damp. Wheat, barley, and carrots should be an okay substance to grow today (Except the northeast)

New Chariots for Sale!

On 5412, West St. in the city of Thebes there are chariots for sale for 50% OFF! If you buy two chariots, the second one will be 90% OFF! Come in quick they are running out! (This sale is concluding on January 3rd, 1465 B.C.E)

Crimes Occurring In Western Thebes!

Recently, four house robberies occurred in Western Thebes. Believe it or not, the homes are located in around the same area. Police believe that there is an uprising gang that is roaming around Western Thebes. Please keep your eye out for suspicious behavior and report to your local police department immediately.

Do you think Egypt will be conquered anytime soon?

We asked multiple citizens of Heliopolis a question that regards Egypt being conquered and if it may be soon. Here are their thoughts.

  • "No, I think that Hatshepsut is a great pharaoh and will not allow her people to be obliterated."
Scribe©: "Why do you think Hatshepsut is a great pharaoh?"

"I feel that Egypt has taken a new step into the future and I fully support that she is a woman." - Anonymous

  • "Yes, I have been making predictions for years about the upcoming conquering of Egypt. Especially under Hatshepsut's ruling." - Ramose Theshen, 24.
Scribe©: "Thank you!"

  • "I think that Egypt will be conquered, but not anytime soon. Even though Hatshepsut is the worst pharaoh EVER! - Dedi Huya, 17
Scribe©: "Hmm... interesting opinion."

Brand New Sculpture of Hatshepsut!

Currently, a sculpture of Hatshepsut is almost done being built around the center of Thebes. People aren't too exited about the statue, but it is a beautiful piece of art that makes the city look more exiting.

Economy Overview

"The economy has been falling down the drain since Hatshepsut" Says Stock©,

"If Hatshepsut doesn't die soon then Egypt will be over. The market is already down 300%"

"People have been losing their jobs left and right and we have to do something to stop it!"

Tour Through the Pyramids!

To have the exclusive tour through the grand pyramids, come on January 3rd - 15th! Only a limited time deal. Tours go from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM! (Two pounds of wheat for a four person tour. If you are coming with more or less people than four, come to the pyramids for details.

Brand New School In the District!

This new school, has the best scribes in the district and only excepts the smartest kids from high class families. Location is classified until reveal on January 21st.

Please get your kids ready for the amazing school experience. (They will be challenged and if they do not preform well... you'll see.)

Best Dish of the Week! The Egyptian Palace Bread!

This dish created by Pamiu Yuf, is a savory bread for high class individuals.

The recipe takes 3 hours and ten minutes to prepare and cook.

Here is the recipe:

Remove the crust from the bread. Soak slices in honey for at least a half an hour. Lightly grease a small, deep baking dish. Using a spatula, pile the slices of bread evenly, one on top of the other, in the baking dish.

Bake at 300 degrees for 45 minutes.

Cool and chill in the refrigerator. Slice and top with heavy cream.

Here is the ingredients:

10 slices of firm white bread

2 cups honey (one pound)

Heavy Cream