Christiano Ronaldo #7


Christiano Ronaldo was born in San Atonio. Age 28 February 5, 1985. Ronaldo became the most expensive football ball player in 2009 from trade from Manchester united to Real Madrid for 80 million. Ronaldo is the highest payed football player. Ronaldo joined Manchester united in 2003 he was the first ever Portuguese player to join Manchester united in 2009 Ronaldo joined real madrid. Ronaldo was second in the 2009 fifa player of the year. Ronaldo scored his first hat trick in Real Madrid against Mallorca. Ronaldo is the second most expensive player in soccer he plays left wing and wears the number seven which was given to him by a legend from Real Madrid Ronaldo is one of the top scorers in real Madrid he had broken a record for most goals in a single season. Ronaldo is one of the best free kick scorers in the game. Ronaldo is a skilled dribbler. He is my favorite player because i think he is one of the best footballer some think it is Messi but think it is Ronaldo.

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