Eagle Nation: Weekly GWHS News

Back 2 School Edition: Vol 1. Issue 3 / August 29, 2021

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Eagle Nation,

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” Successful schools are in fact created. They don’t exist by sheer happenstance, and can only be deemed “successful” when they help children grow academically, socially, and emotionally. For this to happen it is important that we have a safe environment that is supportive and conducive for both teaching and learning to occur. By setting forth clear social and behavioral expectations and directly teaching students about those expectations, it is our goal is to continue to have a safe positive atmosphere for optimal learning.

With effective partnerships between school and home, George Washington High School will become a school that the community can be proud of and a school where each and every one of our students achieves well and makes strong academic progress. I firmly believe that children have the right to attend an outstanding school within their local community. For this to happen, we must all be relentless in our drive to ensure that our students feel safe when they come to school, make strong progress, enjoy their learning, achieve results that will prepare them for further education and provide them with the opportunities to succeed in their future careers. This is all the more important against a national backdrop of more challenging assessments and higher expectations for learning.

As I have said in previous correspondence, the importance of an effective and respectful partnership between home and school is vital. If parents and the school work in unison, demanding the same high standards in all aspects of behavior and academic achievement, then great learning will follow. I would like to thank all the parents/guardians who have given their unflinching support during these first days of school and we ask for your continued support as we set even higher standards and expectations over the course of this academic year and beyond.


Dr. Johnnie M. Simmons

Proud Principal

George Washington High School

Important Dates:

Upcoming important dates:

  • Baseline Writing Assessment--Monday, August 30
  • MAP Testing Makeups--Monday, August 30-Tuesday, August 31
  • Freshman Class Meeting--Tuesday, August 31 @ 2:30
  • Sophomore Class Meeting--Wednesday, September 1 @ 2:30
  • Junior Class Meeting--Thursday, September 2 @ 2:30
  • Lock Down Drill--Tuesday, August 31 @ 3rd Period
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Small Group Senior Advisement Sessions

GWHS Guidance Counselors will begin to host small group advisement sessions this week in the media center. ALL members of the 2022 Cohort MUST attend the session during their designated time. The guidance counselors will send out emails detailing the dates and times for the students to report to the library. The one-hour sessions are to discuss the progress of the students during their senior year. It is important for the student to understand that they must have all of their high school credits or they will not be eligible to graduate and apply for college. We also take the time to explain to students the importance of requesting recommendation letters and to request their transcripts. Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


We hope that you can join us this upcoming Friday night as the GW Eagles kick off their season at home against Amherst County. Kick off is at 7 pm. River City Sports did a fantastic write up Friday on the GWHF football program. I have attached the link to the article below.



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