New Orleans

ELA Class


It will take 1 hour and 5 mins to get to new Orleans from Houston.They are 348.6 miles apart from each other . I will be going alone.I will fly there. I will be staying for seven days.


I will be staying at Dauphine orleans hotel. it will cost $247 .pets are not allowed in so thats good for my alergies .The zoo is right down the rode.Its on the Mississippi river.There is also many gyms around the hotel.With me i will bring lots of extra money I will bring cloths and my phone.
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lodging will cost $247 .I will have $1000 spending money.Ill have a $1000 for food. Airfar will cost $258 there and back.


When im at new orleans i will go fishing.there many places to work out at just down the rode from my hotel .