David Sinclair

A biography by Jonah Wendt

Early childhood and Basic Iformation

As a young boy he always loved science. He loved studying aging and how it can affect the human body when he was in collage. He went to Harvard Medical school when he was in college.He is a Biologist and he is working on a medicine that expands your lifespan

Impact on society

He was trying to invent a Medicine that makes you younger. He was the most popular person in Australia. It could expand your lifespan by 30%. He tested this in his lab called the Sinclair lab

Overcoming obstacles

He had to overcome many obstacles like would the government except his creation or will people by it. Will companies let him let him sell it in stores and at businesses. These obstacles where vary hard challenges to overcome.His career is very cool and is very cool because he is very well known in many countries for doing this sensation.

Fun Facts

Do you Know that he practiced his medicine on mice and rates. He was also the head of his experiment.
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