Nagasaki was blown up.

By Cody Pence

What Happened?

In Nagasaki Japan on August 9th 1945 at 11:02 in the morning, an Atomic bomb (Fat Man) was dropped on Nagasaki by the US. Originally it was supposed to be dropped on Kokura, but because of heavy clouds the pilot had to switch targets. This bomb was dropped because the Japanese refused to surrender after the first drop on Hiroshima.
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My Perspective

The 2nd bomb needed to be dropped. Japan refused to surrender even after the 1st one was dropped. The only other option would have been to invade Japan and that was estimated to claim 1 million American lives. Japan would have never quit, and as they have shown, they are more deadly when close to defeat.
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There are a lot of speculations with the bombing of Nagasaki after Hiroshima. A lot critics say the bomb did not need to be dropped. Japan did have intentions on ending the war as soon as it started. But with out the bombing the war would have lasted a lot longer and claimed a lot more lives. At the time the UN had a law saying that chemical and biological warfare was illegal. Well the US was not part of the UN because our government was practicing isolationism so the law did not apply to us.
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Media portrayal

Many photographs and captions trivialized the destruction and the suffering at the bombed sites, glorified the power of the atomic bomb, and portrayed the U.S. government as a heroic figure rather than an aggressor.Media publications also sought to communicate the arrogant idea that Americans were superior to the Japanese through captions of pictures in an apparent attempt to justify the bombings in the minds of the public.
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