Native Americans

By: Hayden Parent

Westward Expansion How Indians Way of Life was Changed

When throughout history has the cost of enlarging a nation overridden the value of human life? Well there is an answer to that and some might say that it comes from all sorts of things. One of the human lives that were affected the most out of all of them were the U.S. Native Americans. This happened because the Union wanted to expand the U.S. to the west which had some advantages but it also killed all the buffalo and got rid of all of the indian tribes forever.

Westward Expansion was the time of history when our country felt the need to expand our country more west. There were people in the West that the Americans would soon run into as they went West. These people were the Native Americans, the Native Americans knew what the whites wanted to do they wanted to take their land but some reason some just agreed with the whites and let them do whatever they want and further in history that was put them in reservations.

As history went on the Native Americans population was going down because they started to realize what was important to them and what they have to protect. Their deaths were linked with the westward expansion because the whites would keep pushing them west until they could not go west anymore and then when it was the last straw the Native Americans tried to defend their land. With the Native Americans trying to protect their land it was almost impossible for them because the Americans had really good fire power and wall the Native Americans had were the rifles they were given at reservations.

The question of has the cost of enlarging a nation overridden the value of human life, has an example of Native Americans because they had a way of life and they were humans and they were all almost killed by the whites. Since the Whites were killing all of the Native Americans they were also making Native American children attend christian school and everything. So very slowly the whites were overriding the Native Americans way of life. Since all of the children were put in christian schools and made them change their way of life and who they believed in and why they believed in it. So as all of the Native Americans are dying or being put into school the whole Sioux nation is falling apart and losing everything that they once had including the value of all of their human lives.

`We know now that in history that the Native Americans way of life was wiped out just because we wanted to have the western part of the continent. Now we can not get back that culture that they once had because it is already gone it is too late to go back that was in the past we have transformed. All we can do is be sorry for all of the Native Americans that we killed because we just took their land and killed them with brutal force it was not even our land but now there is no more Indian way of life anymore people say the Germans were bad but some might say that we are just as bad.

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Sioux Indians

Sioux Indians

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