Malcolm X


Malcolm little

Malcolm x was born in Omaha, Nebraska on May 19, 1925. His father was killed by an automobile. His mother was hospitalized. Malcolm was 7 of 8 children then one day his mom was in the hospital and for the rest of his life until he was 21.

Bad Malcolm,Good Malcolm

Malcolm’s house from when he was a kid was burned down. When malcolm was 21 he was a drug dealer an alcoholic and he would go out with his friends and everything. He was in jail for 8-10 years he was better and everyone forgave him he became a better person

Giving speeches and giving a change

He was in the movement by giving speeches about human rights. He didn’t like negroes but he stood up for both black and white. So Malcolm X was the first ever black man to ever think like a white man

we are Malcolm x's helpers

We loved him always in memory