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-meiosis, federalization, Reproductive Hormones


Meiosis, there are two parts one of them is Meiosis I and the other is Meiosis II. During both stages you split cells to make to identical daughter cells which will in turn produce an offspring. In one you make haploid and in the other you make diploid.


Federalization is the fusion of gametes to make a new individual organism. In animals, it involves the fusion of an ovum with a sperm, which creates a zygote and then makes an embryo. Depending on the animal, the process can occur within the body of the female or on the out side such as; internal or external fertilization.

Reproductive Hormones

Estrogen Hormones -are primarily responsible for the conversion of girls into sexually-mature women. For men we have progesterone which helps produce sperm. For both sexes this helps with puberty and development of the human body and body parts.