Memories of World War II

Liv Wagner

Kent Ward

Kent Ward was my great grandfather. He just recently passed away on January 5th, 2016. He grew up in Ohio and attended Columbian High School in Tiffin. He was a member of the cheerleading squad in high school. After High School Kent joined the United States Marines and was sent to Japan and Guatalahara. He worked on airplanes while in Japan and Guatalahara. After being in there from 1942-1946 he returned home. After coming home to Tiffin he met Alma Scherger at "The Ranch" which was a dance hall and they immediately had a connection. Alma and Kent loved to dance together and they also loved each other very much. In 1950 Alma and Kent got married and went on to have five children: Mike, Pat, John, Kathy, and Mary Beth. Kent was also a member of the Knights of Columbus, Mens choir at St. Mary Church and worked at National Machinery after coming home. Later in life Kent established the nickname "Pawpee" started by his first grandchild and my mother Jaime. Pawpee's legacy lives on through his family with 13 grandchildren and soon to be 16 great grandchildren. Pawpee was a huge Calvert supporter, he went to every sporting event possible! He was loved and known by many! I personally never go a day without thinking about my great grandfather, I loved him a lot and I miss him more and more each day.