Summit Daily

Authors- Gus Longing & Ella Jones

A Summit Kidnapping

In the small town of Summit, Alabama a little boy was snatched from his own home and taken off to the mountains. He was held for a ransom of $2,000. The little boy was only ten years old and his name was Johnny Dorset. The two men were seen in a carriage carried by a horse when he was picked up but no one had a description. The next day the town was still normal like nothing had happened. We caught up with the father of Johnny and asked why this was. He told us, “I actually didn’t really care that was gone. I knew he could take care of himself since he is hyper and messes with people. He is just so annoying.”

The ransom was then lowered to $1,500 in a letter the two kidnappers sent to Mr. Dorset. He replied with a letter of his own saying that he would take Johnny off their hands for $250. The kidnappers agreed to these terms and Johnny was dropped back at his house late one night so the neighbors wouldn’t throw a fit about Johnny being back. We asked one of the townspeople why they hate the child so much and she replied, “Well, you tell me. Would you want a super annoying kid throwing rocks at kittens in your town?” She got us there.

Interview with Ebenezer (boy's dad)

Reporter- So how did you feel when you found out that your son was gone?

Ebenezer- I actually didn’t really care that he was gone. I knew he would take care of himself since he is hyper and always messes with people. He is just so annoying.

Reporter- Do you happen to know who took your kid?

Ebenezer- No I don’t know but I am sure they will want to return him soon.

Reporter- When did he get taken?

Ebenezer- It was evening time a few days ago at sunset.

Reporter- Do you know how they took your son?

Ebenezer- I do not know exactly how they took him but I do know that they probably drove up and bribed him. Then they probably got into a fight.

Reporter- Why do you think that these people would take your son?

Ebenezer- I am not very sure why they would want to take him. He is a bad and annoying child.

Reporter- Where did the kidnappers take your son?

Ebenezer- I think they might have taken him to the mountains.

Reporter- What was the ransom?

Ebenezer- Well the ransom was that they paid me $250 and they had to bring the kid back to me.

Reporter- Why was this exactly the ransom?

Ebenezer- This was the ransom because the neighbors like him being gone. He is very bad and aggressive. They won’t like him being back.

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