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Taleia Nyulassie by Susan

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by: Taleia Nyulassie

plot outline

exposition:setting: at Samantha house and the tunnel and Eddies house and Jessie's house.

characters: Grandmary, Uncle Gard, Samantha, Nellie, Cornelia, Hawkins, Mrs Hawkins, Jessie, Elsa, Eddie.

explaining the characters: Grandmary is Samantha Grandmother, Samantha the star, Uncle Guard is Samantha favorite Uncle, Cornelia an old fashioned beauty , Hawkins Grandmary's butler and driver, who is Samantha friend, Mrs. Hawkins the cook, who allways has a treat for Samantha, Jessie Grandmary seamstress, who patches Samantha up Elsa the maid who is usually grumpy, Eddie Samantha's neighbor, who loves to teas. Rising action Samantha meet a new girl named Nellie and they became best friends Samantha helped Nellie with the laundry then they went in to the tunnel and Samantha ave Nellie haft of her cookie. Climax Jessie wonted to go back home am Samantha got mad and sad at the same time and Samantha wonted to know why Jessie was going back home. Falling Action Samantha still wonted to know why Jessie was going home so that night Samantha and Nellie went to the tunnel and from there they went to Jessie home when they got there Jessie and her husband heard Samantha and Nellie so Jessie husband went out side to she what had the noise was and he saw Samantha and Nellie they went inside and they saw Jessie holding the baby in her hands. Resolution Nellie got sick and she had to move Eddie said to Samantha she is sick and my mother says she is not strong enough to work Samantha went home and got a fruit basket and a pie and Samantha set by Nellie feet ans Samantha gave Nellie her favorite doll and said good bey Conflick this is man vs world Because Samantha knows a lot of people and she is a good person. The Theme of the story is that Samantha meets new people and she meets Nellie Protagonist Samantha is a good person she is not bad or mean she would not do aneything to heart aney body A maid in 1904 would haft to clean the sooty lamps that lighted a proper home. Modern women had different ideas. In 1904 many young women went to collage or. in 1904 there was automobiles were taking place of horses and light bulbs were being used instead of gas lamps. in 1904 many of the people living in America cities were poor.

American Girl 1904 Meet Samantha Parkington