Friday, January 29, 2015

Google Classroom

This is an awesome infographic designed by Alice Keeler for students on how Google Classroom works!

No offense intended, Patriot fans. I just thought the cartoon below was clever!
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12 Active Listening Skills

Educators' Technology recently shared the below chart for Active Listening."
The skill
The Behavior
What to do
What to Avoid
Link to better view:
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The Common Cold vs. The Flu

Here are two videos explaining the difference between a cold and the flu.

The first one is from DNews. It is about 4:30 long and is in a news format.

The second 4:30 minute video, which is animated, from NPR answers how a cold or flu is passed from person to person and what exactly is it does to your body.


Kid-Friendly Search

Kids Click is a site designed by a group of school librarians. It is a simplified search engine that only gives kid-friendly results.
Kids Click offers students the option of searching in five different ways:
By Keyword
By Category
By Media Type (pictures, videos, sounds)
By the Dewey Decimal System

Youtube Resources

Below are three places for Youtube ideas for the classroom. Click on link to see more information.