India's history

Eight events YOU need to know!

India's history is as diverse as the country itself

Aryan tribes were one of the early civilizations of the world and is home to historical relics, some of which are over 7000 years old.

First cities were built even 1500 B.C.

Former hunter-gatherers settled down and developed new forms of agriculture and animal husbandry, around 1500 BC. People were building bathrooms, streets, and temples. Nowadays much of the former cities remained and people can still see and investigate former culture.

Buddhism was founded 600 B.C.

From mythological ideas developed out by about 600 B.C. The caste system, which should characterize Indian society for thousands of years. The end of the Vedic period was a time of upheaval in the new doctrines and views, such as the teaching of Siddhartha Gautama, who would later be known under the name of Buddhism, had their beginning.

An empire started to rise

After the conquest of Alexander the Great the first empires arose. The North Indian territory enlarged to the south called Gangetic Plain. One of the key developments of this period include the promotion of Buddhist art and culture with constructions and educational institutions.

Constant pressure from other ethnic groups

Parthians, Huns, and Islamic warriors pushed from the north to the land and brought alongside new forms of architecture and craftsmanship and Islam as a new religion. Due to different influences and ethnic groups India witnessed a strengthened textile production an economic hayday
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European nations reached India

The first European nation that occupied was Portugal. In the 19th century Great Britain took it over with some significant introductions. They monopolized the trade, controlled taxes, developed economy and built infrastructure. In 1947 India was able to get its independence under Mahatma Ghandi with an autonomy.

The current

Nowadays India is facing poverty and overpopulation. Religious and ethnic conflicts led to problems with Pakistan in the past until now. However, the borders at the Kashmir are opened again and both parties tried to refuse conflicts.