Little All Stars T- Ball

Game & Photo Night - Tuesday, July 8th

Game Night

Tonight, Tuesday, July 8th we will begin the T-Ball games! To ensure the children get the most out of their games, we are asking all spectators to stay off the field and watch from the outside of the fence. This will limit distractions and provide enough space for the players and volunteer coaches to enjoy the game. Additional fields have been lined in the outfield; therefore we will have three consecutive games going at once.

The games are designed to be fun and non-competitive. We ask that you encourage your child by cheering them on in a positive matter. Score will not be kept, as the games are more of a scrimmage and designed to prepare the participants for T-Ball/baseball leagues in the future.

Also, tonight we will be taking team photos! The photos will be emailed to you within a week. Feel free to print, share and save.

We are looking forward to a great night!

Thank you,

Rachel Uptergrove

Recreation Supervisor

Blue Springs Parks & Recreation

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