Financial Literacy Project

Sammy Brown

Occupation: Marketing Manager

One day, I would like to be a marketing manager. An average marketing manager makes $137,400 per year. To be a marketing manager, I will have to a bachelor's degree in marketing management.
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College Education: Oklahoma State University

I would one day like to attend OSU located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Like I already said, I will be getting a Bachelor's degree in marketing management. Since I'm getting a Bachelor's degree, I will be in Stillwater for 4 years. Since the tuition per semester is $8,505, the total tuition for me to obtain my degree is $68,040. Like most people, I will have to pay student loans after I graduate. Since the loan terms are $68,040, with a rate at 4.6%, for 30 years, the cost per month is $381.83. That is a reasonable cost considering my budget.
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House: 12336 Cahone Trl, Austin, Texas

When I graduate from Oklahoma State, I want to buy a house in our state's capital, Austin, Texas. The total cost of the house is $244,999. The loan terms are a rate of 3.79% over a time span of 30 years. That means the total cost per month is $1,389.62. The total interest over the loan will cost $88,510.75. I can handle all of these costs under my budget and my monthly income. Plus, the house is 2,080 square feet and includes 3 bed and 2.5 bath.
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Vehicle: 2014 Used Jeep Wrangler

For my vehicle, I would like to obtain a 2014 Used Jeep Wrangler. The total cost of the car is $29,975. The rate is 4% with the time of 5 years. Those loan terms make the monthly cost $552.04. The total cost of interest over the life of the loan is $3,147.11. The monthly payment is not a problem at all due to my monthly income.
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The first thing you should know about my budget is that my monthly income is $11,450.

-My car payment, mortgage payment, and my student loan payment equal $2,323.49 in total cost.

-My utilities, food and insurance, and gas cost a total of $3,549.50.

-My cell phone, clothing, entertainment, and savings cost me a total of $3,206.

-The grand total of all these together equals $9,078.99 per month.

Since my monthly income is $11,450 and my monthly costs are $9,079.99, that means I have $2,370.01 left over every month. I could use that money to grow my savings or even spend a little amount on extra recreation.