Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

By: Giuliana Rokke

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

On April 14, 1865 popular actor John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln in the head with a .44 Caliber , single shot, muzzel leading pistol while he was watching a show at Ford's Theator. Just 11 days earlier, the capital of the Confederate States of America, Richmond Virginia, fell to Union Forces. Lincolns assassination shocked everyone across America. The alledged conspirators found guilty for their involvment were executed on July 7, 1865. However, even before those convicted were executed, many believed that one more guilty person should be left hanging beside them. This was Edwin Stanton, and although he escaped facing the jury, his shadow always emerges as a queer factor in Lincoln's assassination.

Stanton's Involvment

It is believable that Edwin Stanton had direct involvment in the murder of Abraham Lincoln. He was a short tempered individual with very little respect for those without his viewpoint on things. (Ito, 1997). Stanton also greatly disliked Lincoln. He was seen, many times publically humiliating and mocking Abraham Lincoln. He called him the "Illinois Ape" (Ito, 1997).

Days before Lincoln was to attend the show at Ford's Theator, he requested for Thomas Eckert to be his bodyguard. Stanton refused, countering that Eckert had an assignment that night and wouldn't be available. Later, it was discovered that Thomas Eckert had no assignment scheduled for that night. (Patel, 1996). Instead, and inexperienced bodyguard was put in charge of Lincoln's protection. However, he left the president's box halfway through the show and sat down in the audience to watch. After, he wasn't punished for neglecting his duties.

Another suspicious action by Edwin Stanton was his security. Every bridge and road was closed off to prevent the escape of Booth after shooting. Except one. Counsidentally, Booth somehow managed to go straight to the one spot without authorities. (Ito, 1997).