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Jan. 31, 2016

A grateful heart

My heart is grateful for..

...Jayne, Andrea and Megan for organizing our Pokeno afternoon. A fun time was had by all!

...Everyone who showed up to help on Friday afternoon. We had so many volunteers that we really were done by 3:15!

...Mentor teachers who are showing the next generation of teachers how to learn and grow in their profession. Mentor teachers who also know when student teachers aren't quite ready and work with them over and over to help them improve.

...Rion Wahkapeche, who has blended in as if he'd been here for years. Not only doing typical librarian stuff, but working with classes on developing their love for poetry and helping with furniture rearrangement.

...increased collaboration between ASPIRE and non-ASPIRE teachers. Christina Hayes taught Leigh's class Thursday afternoon so Leigh could go to the district Spelling Bee.

Small group minutes

Right now, we only have 9 people who have put their numbers in. If you haven't yet, please do so today and I'll get an email sent out with the numbers from last week.

Small group reading:

Small group math:

Goals for the year: 85/82


In spite of some last minute wrinkles, Friday afternoon seemed to go well. If you had students with you that weren't on your list, please let me know. I'm still 7 students short of accounting for everyone. Can't believe they all happened to wind up in Manners class or were absent Friday, so they had to be somewhere!

FIRST committee

We've been meeting since August (district committee) and are about a week away from the recommendation to the board. The target for a bond proposal was supposed to be $225 million, but we are about $40M over that and still discussing what could be cut or what the voters' tolerance for a bond proposal will be.

The big items at this point are: needed maintenance (about 80M for mechanical, electrical and HVAC); a new Cannon Elementary; updated technology; furniture to more closely reflect the tenets of LEAD 2021; and Multi Purpose Activity Centers that would be located at each high school.These MACS would not be dedicated to just athletics, but would provide additional practice space for athletics and band groups, especially when the weather is too extreme for them to practice outdoors.

One of the most important things you can do right now is be sure you are registered to vote. Whether you support the bond package or not, you need to be a model for your students and your own children of being engaged in the political process. I know it's sometimes hard to sort out all the noise and determine the best choice, but your participation does matter. We had a critical election in Bedford about 10 years ago that was decided by 10 votes. 10 votes! It caused major fallout, including the resignation of the mayor and the shutdown of some city services. Please don't decide not to vote.

Growth Mindset videos

The third growth mindset video has been released. I know many of you have already showed the first two to your students. If you haven't yet, please consider doing so. They really make it easy for the kids to understand, and can give you a great start for some significant discussions.https://www.classdojo.com/bigideas/?utm_source=2016-01-19-teachersemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2016-01-19BigIdeaVideo03

Surprise, surprise!!!

Last week was a hard week for many people. There seemed to be a great deal of weariness and frustration in many quarters. Let's wear jeans tomorrow with red shirts of some kind for the start of heart awareness month. Maybe doing something fun will help this upcoming week be a little easier!
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This week:

Monday, Feb. 1

Telpas training 3-4

Tuesday, Feb. 2

La Academia Spanish 2:45-3:45


Wednesday, Feb. 3

no choir

Thursday, Feb. 4

Good New and KC Club

Talent Show dress rehearsal

Friday, Feb. 5


La Academia Spanish 2:45-3:45

Bowman 2:45-3:45

Talent Show 6-8