Spanish Language and Culture Part A

By: Lauren Mauney

Latin Grammy Results

Natalia won the Latin Grammy for Best Song!

Watch here for her great performance!

Natalia Lafourcade - Hasta la Raíz

End of The Semester and Final Exams


Grades will not be posted until after the final exam and they won't be sent over email! Also, any late work that you have should be entered. However, if it's from the November 19th deadline it won't be accepted after December 2nd. Finally, all the extra credit will be entered after the final exams.

Final Exams

They will open up on Wednesday and they end on Thursday, 5 PM. Before starting the exam, make sure you are in an appropriate space (i.e silent) and that you give yourself enough time. Once you begin the exam, you cannot go back to turn any missing work. So before you begin, make sure you are done with all the work.
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Synchronous Class

The last "Synchronous Class" was on December 1st at 7:30. If you weren't there make sure you watch the recording. The class contains an opportunity for an extra credit and for an easy 100 on an assignment! Check it out!

"Part B" and Books

If you are not taking the Part B, after the exam you should send back your books before receiving your grades. So send them back ASAP! If you are taking the second part of this class, don't. Also, it is a recommendation that if you are going to take the Part B, then you should take the 18 week. The 18 week spreads out the work a little bit more, so it's not so much in such a short time.