Are GMO's bad for you?

Background information

GMO's are genetically modified organisms. Genetically modified organisms are basically organisms that have had their genes changed in a lab. Genes are found in DNA and contain all the genetic material that makes you who you are.


  • Engineered to be pure even after direct adulteration of pesticides and chemicals.
  • They can be engineered to be drought resistant.
  • They can be engineered to have different vitamins and nutritious value for third world countries.
  • Scientist haven't found anything harmful in GMO's.
  • There isn't any evidence relating diseases etc. to GMO's
  • Farmers don't have to buy so many crops and livestock


  • Lab results with harmful findings have been suppressed by the government.
  • Positive lab results have been conducted by scientists that work for the companies that make and profit from GMO's