employer of raider makers

Jessica Dark

My name is Jessica Dark. I am a sophomore at Spring Hill High School. I am involved in a club called DECA. I am also a new member of Raider Makers. I love to be included in clubs and to help people out with stuff they need done. I love Spring Hill High School, it is a good school. When i get out of school i want to get a good job and be a pediatrician.

Mr. Godfrey

Mr.Godfrey is our assistant principal at Spring Hill High School he deals with issues when kids want to change there classes, or when someone needs to talk to someone about attendance or classes. For example, I have talked to him about changing my classes before and he helped me out with changing my classes. Mr.Godfrey's office is located in the office, he deals with a lot that goes on in the school. He also deals with discipline issues when Dr. Pots can't.