Roller coaster lab

Learn about how rollercoaster work

The types of energy

The roller coaster uses mechanical,potential,and kinetic energy.

When the cart experiences potential energy

The roller coaster experiences potential energy at the top of a hill or bump.

The changes in energy

They are important because they are what make a roller coaster move for example the potential energy makes it slowly ride up a hill then stop. That's when kinetic energy takes over and lets it go fast down hill.

The difference between wooden and steel.

The steel is more steady than wooden and it is a smoother ride as well as it being more enjoyable. Rather than a wooden track which is bumpy, not steady, and less safe it is less enjoyable.

Roller coaster safty

The passenger is secured by a lap bar and a seat belt over the right shoulder.Also there are 3 programmable logic which tells the human controller if the brakes dont work.