By Rachel Rubin

I Have Two Lovable Pets

Barney and Emily are there names, and being cute is their game. Cheesy I know but, it's true. Two small cuddly dogs can sure cheer up your mood. Let's get to what they are. Barney is a white, toy poodle fluffy, cute, and lovable to the very end. Although, he is grumpy and grouchy but, in his defense he's 14 years old, that's really old for a dog. He may be old but, he's still living with everything he's got. Emily, on the other hand, is well in her youth. She's a teacup yorkshire terrier, cute, loveable, and small. Lively at the age of 6, she's very fun to play with.

I Am Jewish

In the Jewish law i am an adult since I had my Bat Mitzvah on 9/15/12. A Bat Mitzvah is a celebration for a boy (age 13) or a girl (12 of 13) 'welcoming' them into adulthood. I go to services at Tifarith Israel (T.I). Also go to J.T.E (Jewish Teen Experience).