Kindergarten Newsletter


Classroom News!

We are slowly winding down our rich study of wild bears and teddy bears. Your children are experts on bear facts! In Language Arts, each child illustrated their own puzzle with a fact about wild bears. The children are enjoying putting together each other's bear puzzles. A jolly group of sewers are we! The children are practicing their stitching skills as they sew their own stuffed bear. It's lovely to see the children sitting together at one of our sunny tables happily chatting as they sew!

Expert of the Week

Dhariya was our expert this week. Dhariya loves to draw and she shared her enthusiasm by hatching a plan for all of us to draw a pictures using shapes. She was quite encouraging to all of us as she walked us through the steps involved in making a shape picture.

Conversation Starters

* What was in the estimating jar this week?

* What did we make and put at our exploration table?

Fun Things To Do At Home

*Practice skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s.

* Read the poem of the week.

Poem of the Week


Winter signs are everywhere

The winter winds are nipping

Winter snow is in my hair

My winter nose is dripping.