Upcoming Events

By Noah Habeck

Early Dismissals/Breaks

Early dismissals are a fun thing for everyone. On April 15, there will be a half-day. The spring break will last 10 days, starting on March 25-April 3. We will be returning to school on the 4th. May 6 will be another half-day. Also, May 27 will be a weather make-up day. May 30 will for sure be a day off, it will be Memorial Day!


On Thursday, April 21, the Spring Choral Concert will be happening also from 7pm to 9pm. On May 11, the Theisen Spring Band Concert will last from 7pm to 9:30pm. On May 30th, the band students will also be marching in the Memorial Day Parade.

Art Show

If you have any artwork that Mrs. Morasch has ready for the Art Show, you will see your artwork around the school on May 11.

8th Grade Caving/Campout

8th Grade Caving lasts 3 days. It starts on May 17 and ends on May 19. The last 2 days of school, the 8th grade students will have a campout from June 7-8.

PBIS Reward Trip (YMCA)

The PBIS Reward Trip is a yearly event that includes activities at the YMCA. Each grade has a different day to go. Sixth grade goes on June 1st, seventh goes on June 2nd, and eighth goes on the 3rd.