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iOS - iPad Workshop

Casey Veatch - Apple Professional Development Specialist

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Participants gain experience using iOS devices. They learn basic navigation and explore key accessibility features and apps as they apply to teaching and learning.

Learning outcomes for this workshop are the following:
• Explore basic navigation, native apps, and accessibility features of iPad or iPod touch
• Learn how iOS devices can be used as personal tools for teaching and learning
• Discover how to personalize learning with iOS devices, apps, and iTunes U

Essential Question: How can iOS devices enhance the learning environment?

Getting to know your iPad:

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Getting Started

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Math / Science


Use the iPads ability to manipulate images to guide students through the inquiry model.

Observe: Have students identify and note details.

What do you notice first? · Find something small but interesting. · What do you notice that you didn’t expect? · What do you notice that you can’t explain? · What do you notice now that you didn’t earlier?

Reflect : Encourage students to generate and test hypotheses about the source.

Where do you think this came from? · Why do you think somebody made this? · What do you think was happening when this was made? · Who do you think was the audience for this item? · What tool was used to create this? · Why do you think this item is important? · If someone made this today, what would be different? · What can you learn from examining this?

Question: Have students ask questions to lead to more observations and reflections.

What do you wonder about...

who? · what? · when? · where? · why? · how?