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Author Study-George Orwell

George Orwell was born on June 25, 1903 in Motihari, India. He only spent a few days in India where his father was stationed, until his mother took him and his oldest sister to England. Orwell never really knew his father until he retired from the service. Even when he started to get to know his father they never had a strong relationship. Orwell was more creative and had a mind of his own and his father was more conservative and boring. He had an older sister named Marjorie and a younger sister Avirl who was born in 1908. Around the age of fours years old he started to write poems. He would make up stories and have imaginary people to keep him company. His first big hit was when one of his poems was put into the local newspaper around the age of 11. When he was 13 his parents decided to send him to boarding school at St. Cyprian’s in the town of Eastbourne. The only way he could have attended this school was if he got a scholarship otherwise his parents could not afford it. He had trouble in school with making friends because of his social class and not having a ton of money. That did not stop him from doing very well in academics. Orwell received two scholarships one to Wellington and the other Eton College to continue on further in his education. He chose to attend Eton College and he completed his years there. When he was out of University he did not have any money so he took any job he could get. For a while he was writing a book called Down and Out in Paris and London. The book was about how many people live not having enough money to survive and how brutal it was. He was influenced by himself to write about this because he was going through a similar situation. Orwell also won many awards for the books he wrote throughout his life. One of the awards he got was the Prometheus Hall of Fame for his book 1984. He also won the Retro Hugo Award for Best Novella in 1996 for his book Animal Farm. Unfortunately he passed away in January 21 in 1950. He was and still is a very well-known author and his books will continued to be read for generations.

Rules for Utopian Society

1) There will be no violence or crime

2) All citizens must ask permission from a high rank member to have a child

3) Everyone must attend the city meeting every other week to discuss the changes

4) All children under the age under 18 must attend private school (mandatory-no drop outs)

5) Everyone will be treated equal and given the same opportunities

6) Drugs and alcohol will be prohibited

7) Every child will be expected to learn at least one instrument before they graduate

8) Everyone will travel on hover-boards and the speed limit everywhere is 80mph

9) Each home will have at least one pet (dog, cat, fish)

10) No Cursing anywhere (homes, school, workplace, stores)

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Blog Post- Why 1984 Matters

In a hundred years from now right this second someone will stumble upon a time capsule containing a very valuable object. This object they will collect is the book 1984 b George Orwell. The individual who happens to find this treasure is in luck because of the valueableness this book has to offer. Not only will the find out about a dystopian society but they will also see why 1984 matters. 1984 really opens your eyes to how a world could become so corrupt and controlling. Many people who have read 1984 truly see the importance it has on their way of thinking. The book talks about a world where simply saying what you think or acting a certain way is prohibited. This book was written to display the present in the eyes of a citizen and in our past. In the book the government has total control over the populous and is constantly brainwashing the whole population. The text would show to the individual who reads it that how their life is compared to a horrible and changed society in the past. It makes the person appreciate the freedoms they have and also how their generation has developed not only in the government but within the people. The text would also be a great reference to how a society should not be run and help enforce freedom laws to protect the people of the country. The reader can take what they want from the book and imply it into their everyday lives. Even today some parts of the government are still very controlling. For instance different companies can get all of your information with a click of button. The government can find out anything they could possibly want to know about you. So one of the main points the individual can take away from this book is that you should always remember what you have and be careful as to what you put on media.

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