Mrs. Reid's News Update

September 23, 2016, Volume 23, No. 4

Academics This Week

Please help your child fill in their Reading Racer Log. They are due on or before

October 21st. Late reading logs will not be accepted.

Homework sheets should be placed in the "Return to School" section. It will be taken out of your child's folder on Thursdays. Ms. Williams or I will take out homework that is finished on Thursday mornings to keep and check. The only journal that should be coming home nightly is the poem journal. Students should bring home the Letterland journal when they did not complete the task in class (I have it listed on the behavior/homework card each week just in case and I will mark DONE if they finish it).

Please send money and notes in the very back pocket of your child's red folder. Please send lunch money on Mondays... this is the day we know to expect money. Ice cream day is Thursday and snacks are everyday.

Entertainment books came home as our first school fundraiser. The booklet, cash or checks for additional book orders are due Friday, Oct. 7th.

Again, this week our story, "Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon" has inspired us to talk about being friends to one another. We have identified what characteristics make a friend a best friend as well as what made Henry and Mudge unique. We learned about comparing & contrasting the two main characters and our reading story and the book we read in reading groups, "Henry and Mudge and the Long Weekend". Students wrote their Henry and Mudge are best friends stories. We learned about 2 more sentence types: commands and exclamations. Some had trouble understanding that commands are giving "directions" to someone. (examples of commands:Go to bed. Wash the dishes. Eat your dinner. Use your manners. Be quiet. Walk in the hallways. etc.)

In math we continued to look at measurement. Students continued to measure items and use our computer program, "Ten Marks" for measurement. Students have made an "interactive" math journal. We began with our measurement activities. This has been a great tool for the students to have. We have been practicing counting coins. Some still need to know what a penny, dime, nickel and quarter look like and how much they represent. Keep counting change at home for practice.

In Social Studies we are identifying community workers and how they help us.

Thank you for the book orders you have turned in or paid for online. Monday is the day to turn in orders. Thank you again.

Upcoming Dates

September 26th: Classroom Book orders due

September 28th: Early Release @ 1:06 pm

September 30th: Purchase popcorn and apple juice from the 3rd grade Sale ($1). We will also purchase on Oct. 7th and Oct. 13th.

October 3rd- 7th: RRES Book Fair (Reading/Technology Night on Oct. 4th @ 5:30)

Our class will purchase at the Book Fair on Wednesday, Oct. 5th @ 10:30.

October 7th: PIT Crew Entertainment Book orders (cash or check) are due.