Be Kind Week

April 5th - 9th

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Motivation Monday 4/5

Spirit Day: Dress up - Start your week motivated and dress up today!


Gratituesday 4/6

Spirit Day: Show your Gratitude - Wear something you participate in at LHS that shows your gratitude to your sponsor by showing gratitude to the club/sponsor/sport (ex. club shirt, jersey, dress like your coach/sponsor, etc.)


  • Create a social media post for a person you are grateful for.
  • Start a Gratitude Journal.
  • Write a Positive Comment on a Website or Blog.
    • The internet is full of negative comments. Let’s change that. Next time you see a stellar social media post or read a well-written article, let the person know! Together we can create a kinder world wide web.

Anonymous Wednesday 4/7

Spirit Day: Dress like Someone you Admire - Who do you look up to? Is it an LHS staff member? Is it a coach? Is it a Nurse? Firefighter? QT Kitchen Pretzel slinger? Family member? Pick someone or a particular job and dress like them!


  • Participate in a "Pay it Forward"
  • Complete a Random Act of Kindness: hold the door, compliment a peer, click here for more ideas.
  • Thank a LHS Teacher
    • In A.I. fill out a thank your card to a Liberty Teacher. Turn the cards into your A.I. to be delivered later in the week.

Thank a loved one Thursday 4/8

Spirit Day: Kindness is Timeless - Dress in your Cardinals Gear.


  • Send a thank you text to a loved one.
  • Thank a LHS Support Staff Member.
  • Do one of your chores without being asked.
    • Dishes, laundry, trash, the options are endless. Help out your "roommates" and pick up some of the slack.

Feel-good Friday 4/9

Spirit Day: Feel Good Friday - Wear you Be Kind Shirt or LHS Spiritwear!


  • Self-care activity
  • Breathing exercises
  • Start an Exercise Routine.
    • Whether it's three times a week, once a week, or even five minutes a day, taking care of yourself will help you reach your full potential. Go on a bike ride, a hike, run, play a sport, walk around the block, swim, rollerblade, do yoga, the possibilities are endless.
    • Mrs. Hall's example