December Newsletter

Have A Great Winter Break!

Table Of Contents

  • Finals Week Grab Bag Stress Relievers
  • Final Exam Schedule
  • How To Study For Finals
  • New TRIO FESP Office Employee
  • TRIO Tutoring Resources
  • WMU Tutoring Resources
  • FAFSA Application
  • Year At A Glance

Important Dates

December 9-12: Final Exam Week

December 9-10: Finals Week Grab Bag Stress Relievers

December 14: Semester Ends

December 17: Final Grades Due

December 31: TRIO FESP Grant Aid Applications Due

Finals Week Grab Bag Stress Relievers

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How To Study For Finals

Struggling on how to study for finals? Here are a few tips to help get you through it!

  1. Review lecture notes from class! Re-reading and re-writing lecture notes can help you comprehend the material better.
  2. Go to your professor for office hours and help! Going to your professors office hours and reaching out to them about the fact you may need help in some areas is really resourceful.
  3. Studying with classmates! Studying with classmates is really helpful. You can look for certain people on E-Learning under the class list.
  4. Use TRIO Tutoring resources or Bronco Study Zone resources! Getting help from tutoring resources will always help. Don't hesitate to contact TRIO for a tutor or go to the Bronco Study Zone for help.
  5. Sleeping enough and eating enough! Sleep is key to passing your final exams as well as eating good. Having enough sleep before major exams is crucial. Eating healthy with high protein and good foods will help you throughout studying and taking exams.

TRIO Tutoring Resources

Hey TRIO FESP Participants!

Did you know we have a TRIO Drop-In Tutoring program? We have a variety of individuals who tutor in Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Special Education, and Secondary Education and multiple classes within each of these program of study.

Did you know this program is created to be inclusive?

Here are the many ways you can utilize the tutoring program:

  • Stop by during the available hours.
  • Drop-off items for review or editing (such as papers, presentations, etc.)
  • Email in items for review (papers, presentations, etc.)
  • Schedule a phone/text/chat/video conversation.
  • Email in questions.

Use this email for tutoring requests:

Please be specific in what you are requesting and provide adequate documentation such as Syllabus information of assignment.

If these options don't work for you, there are plenty of other options such as WMU's Writing Center and the Bronco Study Zone. Or you can stop by or email us a request for additional options that work better for you.

WMU Tutoring Resources

You can also utilize these tutoring resources:
  • The Bronco Study Zone is a good place to go for help with homework, studying tips, and time management skills. It is located at 3374 Rood Hall Monday-Thursday 8 am - 10 pm and Fridays 8 am - 5 pm. For more information, click the link below:
  • The Writing Center is a good resource to use if you need help with essays and other writing assignment. You can book an appointment on their website. For more information, click the link below:

Year At A Glance