Andrew Jackson

By : Kylee Stewart

Nullification Crisis

Two tariffs were passed and the southern region was upset about it because they had little manufacturing. South Carolina threatened they would leave the Union if the Federal Government interferes with their nullification act. Congress passes the "Force Bill" to force South Carolina to pay their taxes. The Nullification Crisis was solved with the 1833 Compromise Tariff.

Indian Removal Act

The US government wanted the Cherokee land so they can grow cotton and discover gold. The act allowed the US government to "exchange" the Cherokee land with the less desirable land west of the Mississippi. Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act . Even though Worchester v Georgia happened, Jackson still planned to take the Cherokee land.

"Spoils System"

The soils system is a practice in which a political party, after winning an election, gives government jobs to its supporters, friends, and relatives as a reward for working for victory, and an incentive to keep working for the party. Jackson did this so he would have a better chance at winning. Many got fired from being replaced with a supporter. Jackson made Martin Van Buren his secretary of state.

Killing of the National Bank

This carton shows him killing the national bank. He "killed" the national bank because he thought that it was just for the rich people. He moved most of the funds to the state banks. He improved the economy by lower the national debt, but his policies made it easy to have economic troubles in the future.


The two tariffs that you passed were super awesome, i gained so much more money! I think the south is stupid for threatening to leave the union because they are losing money. It is great you have the power to force the south to pay their taxes. Everyone should have to pay their taxes. Finally the south stopped complaining about the two tariffs because you passed a new tariff name the "1833 compromise tariff" that resolved everything . Im so happy you got elected twice. That explains how great you are!!!

- A happy Northerner

This man is horrible person!!!

I can't believe he made us move from our home. He is a selfish man for moving us just because he wanted our land. Even though the they said we were an independent nation, they kicked us out with force. How could you make someone leave their home with a risk of dying? How did this man get elected twice? Anyone that voted for him is crazy.

- A angry Cherokee