Angelina Jolie

By: Jasmine Bridgman

An Important Childhood

  • Angelina jolies paretns split when she was onlytwo years old but she remembers her childhood as a happy one.
  • Her family would go to the movies every once in a while because money was tight for them but she said thats what inspired her to become an actress.

How did she help to impact others....?

Because Angelina Jolie has learned to be very generous, she has helped so many charities that help alot of other people

How do i resemble my leader....?

  • Im very kind and generous...
  • I help people alot and i will continue too help as much as i can

How do her traits help her....?

I think that being generous will help her in the future because she impacts peoples lives when she gives money to help them.

Why do I want to follow her....?

  • Because I want to be kind my whole life and she inspires me because she is going so far in her life and I feel I could go as far as she is if I stay kind and generous.

Does she have to demonstrate....?

No and yes because she is very kind but she is known for being kind and generous so if she didnt show she still is generous she wouldnt be known for it anymore.

Qualities I need....?

  • I need to be more generouse.
  • I need to be more kind.
  • I need to be more talented.
  • I need to be smarter.
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