Core Region

General Description

Located in eastern Canada, stretches north of the Great Lakes. Includes two large provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The French (Canada's second founding people) made their first permanent settlement in Quebec.
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Who lives where?

Most of Canada's population lives on the core region. It has three of Canada's largest cities; Toronto, Montreal, and the capital city of Ottawa. In the past, people came to Ontario to work in factories. Now it is more jobs in banks, computer companies, and other businesses.
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In Ontario, most people speak english; in Quebec, most people speak french. A few of the other languages spoken in the region include Chinese, Italian, and Portuguese. For many years Canadians argued about which language their government should use. The government finally ended the argument by making both French and English the country's official languages.


Every February, Canadians celebrate Winterlude in Ottawa, in southeast Ontario. People ice skate and ride in horse-drawn sleighs along the Rideau Canal. There are ice-skating races and figure-skating contests.
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many buildings in the core region combine both French and British influences. The Parliament Buildings in Ottawa were built in the Gothic revival style of architecture, which French and British settlers brought from western Europe.These large stone buildings have tall, pointed windows, pointed arches, and carved ornaments. Another example of the Gothic revival style is the Château Frontenac, a famous hotel in Quebec City.
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Most of Canada's factories are located here. Along with the factories, there is also a strong farming center. more than a third of Canada's farm products are grown here. the region has recently become a large producer of hydroelectric power, which is electricity generated from flowing rivers.
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