The Lloyd Link

Second Graders Shine Bright!

A Message From Miss Fuerst

We had a wonderful week back from break! We learned a variety of new and fun things this cycle while working hard and transforming into third grade students! We hope everyone enjoyed seeing our hard work displayed at Open House!

Journey's Jargons-Lesson 21

Comprehension: Our comprehension strategies this cycle concentrated on MAIN IDEA AND DETAILS and INFER/PREDICT. The students listened to the book , "Tacky the Penguin," then figured out the main idea and supporting details of the story. We hope you saw our Tacky Penguins at Open House.

Grammar: This past cycle, we learned new things about ADJECTIVES. We can use adjectives in our writing to describe how a noun looks, tastes, and smells.

Phonics: Our focus this cycle were on words containing er, ir, and ur. We learned all about "r controlled words". These words can have similar sounds.

Math Moments

This week we began Unit 9, Measuring Length! We learned about two different systems of measurement-The US Customary and Metric System. Once again, the vocabulary in these few lessons was abundant. Some our our vocabulary words were inches, feet, yards, centimeters, decimeters, and meters. We learned how to measure in all the units using rulers, yard sticks, meter sticks, and measuring tapes.

Writers at Work

Our poets minds are growing each and everyday! Each lesson, we learn new strategies in order to make our poems more meaningful to our audience. We have learned ways to add mood to our poem. We first consider the mood we want our poem to convey and then go back to check if the mood matches the poem's meaning. We also learned how to make meaning by using comparative language and comparing one thing to mental images and objects.

Stellar Scientists

This week in science, we created an experiment by planting cucumber seeds in small containers in either sand, clay or humus, and our local soil. Each pair of students received one element of soil (either sand, clay or humus) and each pair received local soil. We are going to keep a log while observing the growth of our plants. We will determine which elements of soil the cucumber seeds grow best in or whether is grows best in the local soil.

Social Studies Stars

Within our soil unit, we learned how different elements of soil can be used in different parts of the world to make homes. We discovered that in Southwest America, the Navajo and Pueblo Native Americans use the elements of soil, clay, to create homes called an adobe home. We learned why and how they make them and compared adobe homes to the homes we live in today using a Venn Diagram. We also created our own adobe villages using oil pastels!

Upcoming Events

Please Mark Your Calendars

  • 4/21 Tatem Dine Out
  • 4/22 Art Goes to School
  • 4/23 Techzel $ Due
  • 4/23 Take Your Child to Work Day
  • 4/24 Techzels Delivered, Arbor Day, Student Characteristic Profile Due
  • 4/24 Spring Parent Social-Treno
  • 4/25 Tatem Fair
  • 5/1 Chicken Run at Midnight