John Graves Simcoe

Army officer and Colonial administrator 1752-1806

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A bit about John Graves Simcoe

John Simcoe was the first Lieutenant Governor of northern Canada in 1791 and a British army officer. He was the Lieutenant Governor until 1796 when his poor health condition forced him back to Brittan. He had 6 daughters 1 of which was born in Canada but died in infancy, he also had a son named Francis.
John Graves Simcoe

John Simcoe's contribution to Canadian History

First of all John Simcoe was Upper Canada's first lieutenant Governor. John Graves Simcoe founded what is now Toronto and put an end to slavery in the province long before Brittan. He set up establishments such as courts and trial by jury. He named rivers, villages, towns and counties which are still found today such as Simcoe, Ontario which was named after John Simcoe. He restored the "Quees's Rangers" now with many of his men and build what is now known as Younge Street and Dundas Street, 2 main streets in Toronto that of course still exist and are even bigger now.

John Simcoe's Childhood

Out of the four children his parents, Katherine and John Simcoe, had he was the only who lived past his early life, or childhood. His father was a captain in the royal Navy and wanted John to follow a military career, sadly his father died of pneumonia a few months before the siege of Québec. John Graves Simcoe was schooled at Exeter Grammar school, Eton College and went to Oxford University for a year before deciding to follow a military career.