RWS: Practice for Final

1st: Friday 6/7...2nd: Monday, 6/10...7th: Thursday, 6/6


This is your opportunity to familiarize yourself with and making a flier.

For your final you will:

  • find a text online and paste it into your smore
  • create two column notes for the text you found
  • write six questions (2 from each of the following: understanding, interpretation, evaluation) in your smore
  • answer your six questions in your smore
  • take a picture of your two column notes and insert it into your smore
  • submit the link to your smore to Mrs. McNulty electronicallys

Complete each of the following steps to familiarize yourself with how to use

Here is an EXAMPLE I created to help you if you get stuck. Please don't steal my questions. :)

Step 1 - Create a Smore Account

Create a account. Please do not link it to your facebook. Make it something easy to remember.

Step 2 - Begin Your Flier

Create a title and include your name in the subtitle section.

Create a new text box in Smore

  • Open a new browser window and search, "How to Train a Dog" from Animal Planet
  • Copy and paste the first page of the article into your smore
  • Insert the following reference into your smore below your article:

Fortney, William. "How to Train a Dog." Animal Planet. Discovery Communications, Web. 29 May 2013. <>.

Step 3 - Annotate

  • On your own notebook paper, create two column notes for the first page of the article
  • Be sure to show questions (?), important details (check mark), and interesting details (!) and include notes

Step 4 - Write Questions

Create a new text box in Smore (title this box "Questions") and write six questions:

  • two understanding questions
  • two interpretation questions
  • two evaluation questions

Step 5 - Answer Questions

Create a new text box in Smore (title this box "Answers") and answer the questions you posed in Step 4.

Step 6 - Insert a Pic of You Annotations

  • Take a picture of your annotations with your iPad.
  • Create a new text box in Smore (title this box "Annotations")
  • Tap the arrow at the edge of the box to show the picture area.
  • Tap on the picture and insert the photo you just took.
  • Be sure to create title for the section

Step 7 - Done Editing and Turn In

  • On the upper right hand there is a box that says "Done Editing". Tap on this box.
  • It will then "publish" your Smore.
  • On the right side navigation, there is a "Link" box.
  • Tap the button next to the link to copy it.
  • Use the link below to submit your name and your link. Once this is done, you can continue working on and updating your Smore.

Submit your work