Feral Hogs- also known as Sus Scrofa

Physical Characteristics.

Feral hogs are approx. 1-4lb at birth. But as an adult they range for females about 150-170lb, and for males they range from about 200-220lbs. An adult hog averages from about 5-6ft in length that's from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. The tail lengths can range from about 5-16 in, Hind foot is from 7-15in, Ears are 3-10in, and the snout is 6-14in. They can run up to 30mph and they have 44 permanent teeth and many different colorations. some are black, red-brown, and even sometimes white.
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The feral hog usually travels in pairs of 2 or more. Feral hogs require abundant water and spend much time near seeps, ponds and streams

Problems created

Damages native plants and crops. It also competes with native species.

Steps being taken to control the species

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where they originate from

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Last spotted

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Where they are going