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Quail Call, April 7

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Patience, Community & Compassion

EL Education was founded in 1992 by the Harvard Graduate School of Education in collaboration with Outward Bound USA based on the belief that learning and achievement flourish when teachers and students are engaged in work that is challenging, adventurous, and meaningful. Our Outward Bound roots live and breathe in our school and ground us in developing strong character through our experience with each other and our world. The article, What Outdoor Education Teaches Us About Coping Through a Pandemic shares a powerful message of patience, community and compassion during a pandemic. “Now’s the time for unity, compromise and coming together. We need to approach every decision in our day through the lens of compassion and understanding.”

After listening to the stories of so many brave families last week, our staff refocused and adjusted to better meet the needs of all of our students and families. We recognize that every family is faced with different challenges and circumstances and we want to offer you compassion, understanding, and flexibility to meet the needs of your family.

Yesterday, the Idaho State Board of Education voted to extend the current soft closure of all Idaho K-12 public schools and charters through the end of local schools’ academic year. In addition, Moscow School District decided to follow this recommendation. Palouse Prairie will also follow the State and local decisions in efforts of keeping our community healthy and safe. If we receive different guidance from the State, local officials, and the health department, we will re-evaluate.

We are committed and will continue to work to provide your students opportunities to engage in meaningful learning and offer support as needed to every child and family. One of the shifts we made includes moving more towards online platforms. You will also notice K-5 teachers have all adopted a similar format for communication which outlines the student’s week, prioritizes tasks and clearly indicates which tasks need to be turned back in. In Middle School, we have worked to create math classes that will deliver the content in a more consistent and manageable way for both students and teacher. We have also designated staff to support any child that is struggling through distance learning.

As a staff, we have learned that the daily connection with our students gives purpose to our work. They are incredible human beings that bring us so much joy and we miss them so much!

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A Bright Spot

Even with all the drastic shifts of school being remote, we have a very small team that has remained focused on moving forward on one of our biggest priorities--THE PLAYGROUND! We have contracted with Learning Landscapes to support the implementation of a playground that reflects our core values, culture and vision. Our current design concept has components that include an open grass playfield to run and kick balls, climbing boulders and logs, outdoor amphitheater and learning space, swings, spinners, slides integrated into the hill, loose parts play areas, a gaga pit, ball wall and basketball hoop. However, we will not make any final decisions until we hear from our students. Students are asked to fill out this survey where they can rank their favorite playground elements.

Landscape Architect and parent volunteer, Jen Elliott has expertise in design/build projects, has been leading this huge task of designing, planning, organizing, and facilitating implementation of all the components of this project. We are lucky to have families with such diverse skill sets to help make this dream become a reality on our very small budget.

While we continue to maintain our safe CDC distancing guidelines, there are opportunities for parents and families to participate in the first phase of making this playground become a reality, beginning this spring. From planting trees to sanding and applying a finish to climbing logs, we will need your help. If you have the capacity, specific skills, and tools to help build the playground during this time, please indicate here. We will work with you to assign you a specific task. Check out the project list to see where your skills might fit in. This could be a great opportunity for you to leave a lasting impact and legacy on our school grounds for years to come. Our students will be so grateful when they are able to come back and enjoy a playground unlike any other in Moscow! Share your thoughts, excitement, and how you’re adapting to life in the age of COVID-19 by using the hashtag: #PPCSathome.

PPCS Blood Drive - Critical Need

Due to COVID-19 and the resulting stay at home guidelines, fewer people are donating blood. It represents a critical need in our country right now. So PPCS has decided to proceed with our Thursday, April 30th Blood Drive from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm in the PPCS multipurpose room. Vitalant has increased its already strict regimen of sanitizing and imposed some new conditions. All local, state, federal, FDA and CDC guidelines will be followed. Everyone must register for an appointment to donate blood. No walk-ins will be taken. Donors must fill out the health history questionnaire on the day of the blood drive prior to arriving at school. To prevent folks from filling it out in advance, we will send out the health history questionnaire just a few days before the drive. Pre-screening will occur at the door. Pre-screening will occur at the door. Anyone with a temperature, potential symptons, or exposure risk will not be allowed to donate. Donors should arrive five minutes before their appointment and wait outside until called. Those waiting outside will be required to stay 10 feet apartment and must put on a mask before entering for their appointment. Please support our community, friends and neighbors by participating in the Blood Drive at this critical time. Contact tgardner@palouseprairieschool.org if you have questions or comments.


To help everyone feel more connected with our fellow students, teachers and staff post with the #PPCSATHOME. Please make sure your posts are sharable.

This week's theme: Who do you hang out with in quarantine?

Last week's theme: What project or talent have you been working on while you are at home?

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Here is one way a PPCS family has supported and found success in keeping their child organized and accountable to himself and to his parents. Great work Ty, Lynne and Mark! Thanks for sharing!
COVID-19 Updates and Resources

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Face Masks are needed...

Gritman Hospital is in desperate need of face masks. If you are looking for a project or a way to help, check out the tutorial below. In the instructions it says to use an N95 blue fabric, this may be hard to come by. To substitute, use normal cotton fabric, but make sure to preshrink the fabric before making the masks. Happy sewing!