Principal Weekly Message 2021-2022

Sunset Valley Elementary School

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Welcome to the Sunset Valley Elementary principal weekly message. Below you will find a button for my weekly newsletter with important information. Please save this link in your favorites for easy access. It will continue to be updated every Thursday throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

Marizza Marquez Principal

"We stand united; we speak as one team; and we transform this moment into a catalyst for unity and positive change." -Bill Fist

Main School Phone Line: 512-414-2392

Office Staff Contact Information:

Registrar, Blanca Garcia: 512-414-2392 or email her at or fax paperwork to 512-892-7206

Administrative Assistant: Tina Saucedo 512-414-5101 or email at

Assistant Principal: Claudia Shudic 512-414-1390 or email

Dual Language Transfer Requests

Any families interested in applying for a transfer to Sunset Valley Elementary to participate in our dual language program but missed the February 28th deadline can stop by the school office. The dual language transfer request link has been disabled in the parent portal but you can still complete the paper version of the dual language commitment letter which serves as the transfer request. Here are the DL Commitment forms: English and Spanish. Please drop off the form in the office with Blanca Garcia or email it to her at

Please note that we have a waitlist for grade levels Kinder through 5th grades. As soon as we have 100% of our current students registered for 22-23 school year and know who will not be returning, we will be able to open up more transfer spots. We will try our best to let families with students on a waitlist know by no later than the second week in August if the transfer is approved or not. Please note that we only take dual language transfers. We are not open for general transfers. For additional questions, please call Blanca Garcia at 512-414-5103.

PK3 and PK4 Registration Information:

PK3 and PK4 families with approved transfers and presently in PK3 going to PK4 must ensure that you complete the PK screener. Please click here for the PK screener link. If you know that you will not qualify for PK3 or PK4 due to language or low income, please make sure that you complete the Tuition Based PK3 or PK4 Form. Please access the tuition based PK3 or PK4 forms here. PK3 and PK4 parents must receive a PK approval letter from the Early Learning department before students can start school next school year.

Please call Blanca Garcia for any questions at 512-414-5103.
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