What To Visit In The Nile River!

There are many places that you can visit,here are just a few

Aswan Dam

This Dam is a wonderful and beautiful place to visit. It was built between the year 1960 and 1970. Assuming that it was made in 1960, it would be 53 years ago! Wow! Another fact about the Aswan Dam is that it is located in Aswan, Egypt and is is located by the Nile River. One reason that it was built is because they wanted to try to reduce floods and protect farmland. One cool thing to also know that that it uses turbines and does not pollute the water. So that good. But, there's always something that you can complain about and this one is that there isn't a lot of nutrition in the water so many fish and died.

Three Gorges Dam

This Dam was built in 2012 which really wasn't that long ago. Only 1 year to be exact. It is located in Sandouping, China near the Yangtze River. This Dam was built to keep flood from happening and to increase shipping capacity. But, it did decrease the amount of fish that were in the water.

Lake Tana

Lake Tana is round with green grass land that goes around it. The Nile passes around this Lake. It is also the largest lake in Ethiopia . There is 37 island across the lake.
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Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the Nile River's main source of water. This lake has been found because explorers had tried to follow the Nile River to it's other branch of water and ended up here. The other branch of the Nile River starts a little bit more South than where this Lake is located.
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