My Summer

By Nathan Jahn


I went to Galveston over the summer with my family. We went to the beach, Schliterbahn, and Bubba Gump shrimp on the pier. It was a lot of fun because I got to have fun with my family.
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Fun at the Grand parents house!!

I went swimming at my Grand parents house with my cousins and it was a lot of fun because i was able to spend time with the people who aren't normally around all the time. It was great being able to play games and just have a good time with them.
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Video Games

I played a lot of video games with my friends this summer. It was a good pass time between band and having a life. It was fun being able to talk to the friends I had not seen since school got out.
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Band :(

Though I put up with it band takes up about 45% of my summer which isn't fun. We practice for around 8-12 hours each day. Its hard work which doesn't feel worth it until you actually preform for a huge crowd with normally doesn't come till the start of the season. So yeah band not my favorite pass time.
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I played flag football this summer and it was a lot of fun because it lets me get some athleticism out. I love playing football especially when i am doing well cause i like to think i am kind of cool because of that.
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